Cupid’s Pastime. by BUCKLAND WRIGHT, John.

Cupid’s Pastime. by BUCKLAND WRIGHT, John.
A complete set of artist’s proofs, plus 6 unused proofs and several page proofs

~ Cupid’s Pastime.


13 original copper engravings, 2 of which are signed by the artist, including a complete set of the artist’s proofs for the 6 plates used in the published book. The collection includes 4 printings of the frontispiece, 2 versions of which are unused.
The collection includes several page proofs, comprising 3 of the full page engravings, 2 impressions of the tail piece on different paper and two more sheets without engravings.
All the proofs have the stamp of the artist’s studio on the verso.
Printed by A.A.M. Stols for J.B.W. Editions. 1935.

An unique collection, all the more desirable as the book itself only existed in an edtion of 31 copies.
Buckland Wright wrote in the colophon that the book was “a private experiment in illustration and typography by the engraver of the plates, who offers no other excuse of this publication”.
These are delicately sensuous copper engravings of nude figures in Arcadian landscapes with an underlying gentle erotic theme. In his memoir, Anthony Reid wrote : These were the themes which he loved best and which he best portrayed. The plates have timeless beauty, an absolute serenity of line and loveliness’.
Reid A19, p.17.

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