Amantium Irae. Letters to Two Friends 1864-1867. by DOVES PRESS.

Amantium Irae. Letters to Two Friends 1864-1867. by DOVES PRESS.
Inscribed by Cobden Sanderson to the women’s welfare activist Maude Stanley, sister of one of the Two Friends in the title and aunt to Bertrand Russell

~ Amantium Irae. Letters to Two Friends 1864-1867.

Hammersmith Doves Press 1914

One of only 150 copies, the smallest limitation of all the Doves Press books. Photogravure portrait frontispiece. Printed in red and black. 8vo., original limp vellum by the Doves Bindery. Very good.

The book is an attractive printing of letters from Cobden-Sanderson to his dear friends, Lord and Lady Amberley between 1864 and 1867. The letters begin when they were unmarried but C-S’s friend The Hon. Lady Katherine Stanley, a campaigner for women’s suffrage, married Lord Amberley in late 1864 and died in 1874, Lord Amberley died in 1876 and this is his tribute to them. The letters are spririted and extraordinary and a great insight into Cobden-Sanderson’s thoughts including 2 printings of his abstract pen sketches heavy with statements like “We must endure the dull & dreary monotony until the young shoots appear, the germs of a new era of Belief and fiery Energy, when the fabled gods shall have entirely vanished and man be striking on in harmony with the deep buried music of the world! Adieu! I am blank today & shallow & stupid, but from the depths of it all look up to the light for something god-like indeed to set me on fire”
Inscribed by Cobden-Sanderson, interestingly in the year before the official publication date, to Maude Stanley “in memoriam from her old affectionate friend, the writer C-S 14 October 1913”. Maude Stanley (1833-1915) was Lady Amberley’s sister and an important women’s welfare activist - described by her nephew, the Amberley’s son Bertrand Russell, as “stern and gloomy aunt Maude” although he adored her and her talking parrot.

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