Champ Fleury. Translated into English and annotated by George B.…

Geofroy Tory’s Roman capitals reproduced in black onlay on a remarkable binding by Gray Parrot

~ Champ Fleury. Translated into English and annotated by George B. Ives.

New York The Grolier Club 1927

One of 390 copies, printed on antique wove rag paper. There were also 7 copies on larger handmade paper. Printed in Centaur type. Tory’s original illustrations have been redrawn by Bruce Rogers in line. Printed at the printing house of William Edwin Rudge. 4to., specially bound for David Block by Gray Parrot in full crushed biscuit morocco with a grey only morocco border of two different widths round a represenation of Tory’s Roman capital alphabet in hand cut black morocco onlay. On the rear cover ar the words ‘Non Plus’ (Tory’s motto) set in a black morocco only within a grey cartouche. Spine with the title in black morocco onlaid large Roman capitals. Tope edge gilt, edges with blind fillet. Housed in a matching morocco backed clamshell case with title in gilt on black with biscuit morocco trim. Binder’s vellum ticket on the lower rear turn-in.

Gray Parrot undertook this binding for the bookdealer and scholar David Block who included it in his Catalogue Twenty-Five in 1991 where it was sold for $7500.
The book is the second in the Grolier Club’s series on Roman caiptals.
A remarkable binding.

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