FIRSTS: LONDON RARE BOOK FAIR, 21st – 24th October

Saatchi Gallery here we come!

I will be exhibiting in London this weekend at the London Rare Book Fair in the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, just near Sloane Square.

If you would like to come, you can get a complimentary ticket by clicking on this link

I am going to be showing 90 new and exciting items from the shop which can be viewed in my fair list which you can find by clicking on the image below:

Embroidered letter folder c.1820 belonging to a Sussex suffragette & founder of a free lending library


  Barnett Freedman’s advertising brochure for cheese






I will be exhibiting in Paris this weekend at the joyous rare book fair in the Grand Palais Ephemere. If you are in Paris in the next 4 days please let me know and I will make sure you get a ticket for entry either to the Vernissage on Thursday or on any of the other days.

The books I will be exhibiting can be viewed in my fair list below:


We are thrilled to announce the publication of the final part of the impressive Kenneth Auchincloss Collection of Fine Printing & Press books.

It includes work from a large number of presses including Kat Ran, Kelly-Winterton, Kleukens, Libanus, Mason Hill, Merrymount, Nonesuch, Officina Bodoni, Old School, Old Stile, Pennyroyal, Pentagram, Petrarch, Rampant Lions, Tuscany Alley, Appletree Alley, Raven, Shakespeare Head, Spiral, Stanbrook Abbey, Tern, Woolly Whale and Whittington Presses as well as several works by Rudolf Koch & Bruce Rogers amongst others.

To view the catalogue, click here

There are also around 400 less expensive books from the collection listed online, exclusively on our website…for a list of the presses to search see Books Priced under £100


Gaylord Schanilec & Midnight Paper Sales: An Exhibition of Books & Prints

We are now exhibiting a large selection of books and prints by Gaylord Schanilec dating from 1983 to the present day.

To view the catalogue please click here

Also announcing WANT MORE the remarkable new book by Gaylord Schanilec, Alex Schneideman and Patrick Randle at the Whittington Press. There are 15 deluxe copies of which we only have a couple left and 50 ordinary copies for sale…



The brochure can be viewed here

London Original Print Week, 1st – 8th May


We have joined forces with Benjamin Spademan Rare Books for an exciting exhibition of prints and books at his gallery in Mason’s Yard for this year’s London Print Week

1st – 8th May 2021

Open every day
11 – 6

Click below to see the treasures we will have on display…

Exhibition list – Sophie Schneideman

Exhibition list – Benjamin Spademan

To book via the London Original Print Fair system:
Or contact either of us directly

14 Mason’s Yard

My Virtual Hong Kong Book Fair

At this time of year I am normally on a plane to Hong Kong to exhibit at one of my favourite book fairs – the China in Print or Hong Kong Antiquarian Book Fair.

I always find the finest things throughout the year and save them for the fair so I have a list of around 40 fresh books, prints and pieces of original artwork to show at the fair with a focus on the unique, rare and jewel like items from Britain and France.

Please do click on the link or picture above to see what I had saved for this year’s fair.


From 12th to the 14th November we will be showing some fresh stock at the virtual Boston Book Fair.

To see the 35 items chosen for the fair please click on the image above or here

Look out for our upcoming exhibition of the works of Gaylord Schanilec which will be launched in a fortnight, along with our new publication Want More which shows his wood engravings alongside some remarkable photographs by Alex Schneideman, the whole being printed and designed by Patrick Randle  at the Whittington Press. The binding of the special copies is almost complete and copies will be available at the pre-publication price until the end of the year.

WANT MORE – our first ever publication


by Gaylord Schanilec, Alex Schneideman & Patrick Randle

13 photographs, 13 wood engravings
and a conversation about the creative process

Want More  is a collaboration between three artist printers – the wood engraver Gaylord Schanilec, the photographer Alex Schneideman and the printer and designer Patrick Randle.


For the first time a work of photographic documentary – an important observational look at our consumerist environment and culture, has been examined and developed by a wood engraver. Photographs by Alex Schneideman for a large scale photographic project for a book, inspired 13 engravings by the great engraver and book artist Gaylord Schanilec. In images and collaborative text the two artists examine their specialist mediums – discussing the differences between them in creative process, temperament and thought, each creating very different images from the same source.


The book was woven together by the great eye and design of the master printer Patrick Randle at the Whittington Press in a glorious celebration of art, letterpress printing and typographic design.


For information about the edition please click here.

55 copies for sale (of 75) in a gold slipcase, in grey half morocco and with special hand printed papers by Randle and Schneideman  – £950

15 deluxe copies in full grey and citron leather, with additional signed sets of the engravings and photographs housed in a solander box – £2650

There is an accommodation available for trade.

EMAIL to order

Here are some more images of the printing process..

The three collaborators

Printing the wood engravings



Well, here we go! Moving the business online was something I thought I would never do but until June/July at least that is how things will be. It is an interesting experiment.

Every week I will be uploading new stock onto the website, and indeed on and I will also be putting together curated ‘e-lists’ of fresh stock – look out for ones of new David Jones prints and books, books written by ‘Great Scots’, and a whole new catalogue of recently acquired books.

Of course we will get through this, but I am hoping it will be fun. I have already found books I had forgotten I had here and have a pile of projects to finish. I do enjoy face to face interaction but that will have to wait for now…

I hope you are safe and well. If you are musically orientated the Berlin Philharmonic website with their free digital concerts is a real treat!

Very best and see you soon



We are thrilled to be exhibiting at the fair this year which begins this week.

At stand E-7 we will be showing a selection of books from private presses including some particularly good Eragny, Kelmscott and Golden Cockerel Press books, illustrated books by David Jones, Eric Gill, John Buckland Wright amongst others, fine press and artist’s books, fine bindings and some fabulous typography and lettering including a remarkable set of printer’s archive proofs of Edward Johnston’s wooden type for London Underground. This is the only set to be on the market as it was a private printing done for the archive of the London Transport Museum.

In addition we are showing a small selection from a new collection we have celebrating ‘GREAT SCOTS’ which includes important work by Adam Smith, Walter Scott, David Hume, Alexander Wilson, the pioneering American ornithologist and mentor to Audubon, Kenneth Grahame and signed works by the great John Muir and Andrew Carnegie.

Please do come to visit us or you can browse the catalogue below…

A splendid copy of Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments

Park Avenue Armory
643 Park Avenue, between 66/67 Streets
March 5th-8th, 2020

For a detailed list of what we will be showing click here